From a charter lesson to advanced skills, there is vast array of onwater courses. For the colder season vital classroom based courses are availble to ensure a well rounded education.  
For high performance and ocean sailing challenges we also offer affiliate programs.  View below quick glance at some of our offerings.
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WaveSkills offers a unique approach that allows you to get hands on experience while learning proper technique. The fact you are learning on the boat helps you to become confident in your abilities while having fun! I would strongly recommend the course to anyone interested in learning to sail.  Shane Mac Kinnon, PEI

Shane MacKinnon, PEI

Introduction to Boating

Only have time for a 2.5hr Charter Lesson or 4 evening sessions? These two options provide the opportunity to experience sailing. To introduce novice boaters to safe practices when preparing to leave the dock, while underway, and when returning to dock. This standard may be taught in a sailing vessel or a powerboat.