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VHF Marine Radio (ROCM)



VHF-DSC: Maritime Radio Operators Certificate ROC(M)


VHF Course - ROC(M)

Did you know it is illegal to operate a VHF or DSC radio without a certification, and are subject to a $5,000 fine and up to 12 months in jail for use without a Maritime Restricted Radio Operator's Certificate?  


This course is for both recreational boaters and commercial fisherman fishing up to 25 nautical miles.


Ellen MacPhail at WaveSkills Sailing School is authorized to offer a certificiate in ROC(M) for VHF radios with DSC/ GMDSS endorsement through both Canadian Power Sail and Squadron, and Sail Canada.   Also, DSC upgrades are available as a separate exam.  WaveSkills offers both courses. 


For groups or individuals, please contact 902.629.5989 or email for time and location. 


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